James Moore finalist for Award

We are super excited to let you know our James Moore is one of three finalists for the "Best Link worker of the year" award 2022!
James started with the Family Centre Fieldway as an #ABCD Community builder, having hundreds of conversations with local residents about what they were passionate enough to act on! I am sure most of you in #NewAddington and #Fieldway remember him fondly, always wanting to help and support people in making their community ideas/gifts/passion come to life! We was also volunteering with us in the Approriate Adult scheme.
He then also became a Link Worker, working at Croydon Link Central, Primary Care Network with CVA. And what an extraordinary Link worker he was, always bringing in the community angle and working on patients' strengths & passions! So, well deserved and so happy he is staying with us in his new role of Community Facilitator!
Banner James Moore Link worker of the year