Uniting Croydon: The Journey of the Winter Warmth Drive

Ben Taylor reflects on Croydon Cares

Ben Taylor, Consultant Community Connector at CVA, reflects on the impact of Croydon Cares


In the heart of Croydon, as winter's chill sets in, a community-driven campaign, "Croydon Cares: Winter Warmth Drive," is changing the narrative of the season.

Launched by Croydon Voluntary Action, this initiative was more than a mere call for donations; it was an invitation to the entire community, including local businesses, to come together for a cause that transcends individual interests – the wellbeing of those facing hardships during the colder months.

Our goals

The campaign was anchored around a few clear objectives: to provide essential resources to those in need, engage local businesses in meaningful corporate social responsibility, and enhance community cohesion. From collecting tinned food and toys to organising volunteer days for corporate employees, the goals were structured yet broad enough to allow for diverse participation.

The community's response

The response from local businesses was both heartening and impressive. Companies across Croydon embraced the initiative, participating in themed events like "Bring a Tin" and "Donate a Toy" days. These weren’t just activities; they were powerful statements of communal solidarity.

On 21 December, over 100 Christmas hampers were given out to families across Croydon who otherwise would have gone without a Christmas meal, this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the generosity of the Croydon community.

Through the generosity of Croydon's corporate community we were also able to give over 100 gifts to refugee families, help residents with presents for their young families and with the help of our amazing pool of volunteer drivers deliver six carloads of food to local food banks.

The impact so far

As we stand at an inflection point of the campaign, as the New Year begins, the impact so far has been tangible, though the work is not done. Hundreds of tins of food have been collected, providing much-needed relief to families struggling to put food on the table. The toy donations have brought smiles to countless children,
making the festive season a bit brighter for those who would otherwise have little to celebrate. The financial contributions from local community groups have bolstered the capacities of local food banks, enabling them to serve better, but Winter carries on and so does the need of Croydon residents.

Looking Ahead

The journey of the "Croydon Cares: Winter Warmth Drive" is far from over. The coming weeks hold the promise of more activities, more participation, and more impact. But beyond the immediate horizon, there's a vision that this initiative has ignited – a vision of a community that stands together not just during the hardships of winter but throughout the year.

Plans are already underway to make the "Croydon Cares" initiative a sustainable one, with talks of turning these themed days and volunteer drives into regular events throughout the year. The hope is to foster a continuous culture of giving and support within Croydon, transcending seasonal campaigns.


The "Croydon Cares: Winter Warmth Drive" is more than a campaign; it’s a testament to the power of community action. It's a reminder that when we come together, the impact we can have is profound and far-reaching. As we move forward, the drive sets a precedent for other communities, showcasing how collective action can bring about real change, one tin, one toy, one volunteer day at a time.


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