Vodafone Pledges 24m Gigabytes of Data

Vodafone has joined Good Things Foundation’s National Databank to provide free data for the charity’s network of community groups across the UK and the people they support, with a pledge of 24m gigabytes of data.

Vodafone will be providing connectivity in the form of SIM cards, each with 20Gb data and free calls and texts every month. It is enough to provide connectivity to 200,000 people for six months.

Vodafone has worked with Good Things Foundation on digital exclusion projects since 2020 and this new initiative is part of its aim to connect one million people living in digital poverty by the end of 2022. 

Good Things Foundation’s National Databank gives community groups across the UK access to free data – either via SIM cards or vouchers – that they can share with those who are digitally excluded and need support.  Following a three-month pilot that saw over 400 data vouchers distributed to community partners, the programme is now live in 34 centres across the UK with plans to extend it to hundreds more during 2022.

Community groups who are already a part of the Good Things Foundation’s network will be able to apply for the connectivity later this month via the Online Centres Network section of the charity’s website.