Warm spaces in Croydon

Croydon Voluntary Action is in the process of collating information about all the local Warm spaces to be published on our Simply Connect Croydon online information and advice database. You can make sure your organisation is there by completing this form

  • Are you on Simply Connect already and simply want to add that you will be a Warm SpaceJust answer "yes" to the question "Is your organisation registered with CVA/VCC?" and you will only need to add details on the activity. Remember to put 'WARM SPACE' in your activity title. Also, remember you need to fill in one form per each activity (2 activities, 2 forms).
  • Are you not on Simply Connect? No problem, you will simply ask to add some additional information on your organisation. Remember to put "WARM SPACE" in the activity title when you are asked to add the activity you deliver.


There are some free national resources you can access if you want to set up as a Warm Space:

  1. A guide on how to set up a Warm space, put together by the Libraries Association and Martin Lewis;
  2. A UK map of warm spaces, set up by a group of creatives & social action coordinators based in Norwich (UK). You can register your organisation and appear on their map.