This Girl Can Funding

The funding is to deliver online physical activities targeting women living in Croydon aged 16-60 who are currently physically inactive.  Activities must run for at least 10 weeks and there must be a plan for continuing women's participation in physical activity. Participant information will need to be recorded and casestudies completed. 

Any online platforms can be used and projects can have the flexibility to develop face to face sessions as the Covid 19 situation stabilises. Organisations are expected to ensure that instructors have relevant qualifications, participants health issues are taken into account and that activities are covered by insurance (could be included in the funding bid).

Examples of what the funding can cover include:

  • IT costs
  • Instructor payments and
  • Promotional activities. 

The This Girl Can Croydon project has £30k to distribute to community organisations, which is expected to fund a minimum of 20 activities. The funding is flexible in recognition that some projects will be significantly more expensive to run than others. The is no fixed deadline for applications and CVA is keen to begin funding successful applicants.

Please contact Christine Double to return competed application or to discuss project ideas. Email

Download an application form

Deadline: 31 July 2020.