The Safer Croydon Partnership covers community safety. It acts as the statutory Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) for Croydon, as stipulated by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (reviewed in 2009 and effective of April 2010).

Safer Croydon Partnership is responsible for community safety as follows:

  • Strategic support for all partners to ensure Croydon’s communities become more involved in public service delivery and design re community safety; including the co-ordination and sign off of the Annual Croydon Strategic Assessment.
  • Commissioning the Community Safety Team / Safer Croydon Partnership Unit to undertake specific work to achieve the strategic objectives of the Community Engagement and Communications Performance Delivery Group
  • Acting as the Partnership Body with strategic oversight of Community Cohesion and ‘Prevent’ (preventing violent extremism) Delivery Plans to ensure activity is being undertaken and that resources are available to deliver this agenda across Croydon.
  • Identifying and responding to emerging threats outside of organisational boundaries

Meet the elected Board Members for the Safer Croydon Partnership Board & Sub Groups. Click on any of the tabs below to view each individual.


Photo of Peter Cox

"Actively supports a number of Croydon charities and is currently Chair of Your Community Against Human Trafficking and a Trustee of Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association."

Email - Peter Cox

"How can we be the best - the best town in London with the highest success rate of reducing crimes committed by youth? We can do that by electing the best people who have the best interest in creating a safer Croydon day and night?

I had worked with young people in schools, youth clubs and other communities’ settings. My experience taught me that preventing youth violence comes with a deep knowledge and understanding of those contributing factors that lure our young to crimes. Regardless of race, religion, class and sexualities, every young individual look-up to us, the ‘Adults’, to guide and make the right decision. I want to be part of these ‘Adults’ that are dedicated in taking extra measures in supporting our young to be better citizen for Croydon and our Great Britain.

We as a community have a collective responsibility in being a great role model for all the children and young persons that live and school in our borough. I will be part of the voices that will make big difference in shrinking juvenile delinquency. I love Croydon and I only want the best for this great town."

Email - Ada Uzoije

"For four years the organisation I founded, and am director of, has provided intensive mentoring for 82 Croydon young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties referred to us by the Youth Offending Service, Schools, PRUs and Social Care. The chohort we support are Level 3 and 4 (Child Safety Board) and typically feature court orders, school refusers, vulnerable young people, LACs, domestic violence, gangs involvement and substance missuse. Our outcomes include reduced re-offending, increased educational engagement, family partnship and EET. We work alongside YOS, FFT, FRS, CAMHS, CAYSH, Social Care, Housing and Alternative Education Provision. I personally sit on the Youth Crime Prevention Board and was asked to join the CSE & Missing Children Board by the chairperson. In addition to my work in Ment4, I am an international consultant in anti-human trafficking."

Email - Peter Stanley

"I am very concerned about the areas of 'disconnect' as between refugee groups and their lack of access to community organisations (be they social, sporting clubs or religious groups). and I know that they feel alienated. From my time with the now defunct 'Refugee Project' much needs to be done to be more welcomed into and integrated into society. Prior to its demise though lack of funding I was the Chair Person"

Email - Peter Cooper