Health and wellbeing boards were established under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to act as a forum in which key leaders from the local health and care system could work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local communities. 

The latest priorities by the Health and Wellbeing, as mentioned in their 2019 Strategy are:

  1. A better start in life
  2. Strong, engaged, inclusive and well connected communities
  3. Housing and the environment enable all people of Croydon to be healthy
  4. Mental wellbeing and good mental health are seen as a driver of health
  5. A strong local economy with quality local jobs
  6. Get more people more active, more often
  7. A stronger focus on prevention
  8. The right people, in the right place, at the right time

Download the 2019-2023 Strategy

Meet elected Representatives for the Health & Wellbeing Board Sub Groups 2018-20. Click on any of the tabs below to view each individual.


Nana Akoto

"I am interested in representing the VCS because of it's good work within the community. As health promotion officer, I am passionate about the health and wellbeing of the people within our community. I have also run a couple of workshops to raise an awareness of health issues, particularly in the area of mental wellbeing."

Email - Nana Akoto
Shirley Sorhaindo

"I have been a health professional for over 30 years; qualified as an RN, midwidery-trained and in special care and baby intensive care. For many years I have been involved in public health, and my interests are in mental health and integrated preventative holistic healthcare. I have volunteered in several projects and have been involved in Healthy Communities collaborative projects."

Email - Shirley Sorhaindo
Tracey Davis

"I have been working with mums within the Croydon area - especially the Broad Green area - for the past 4 years, providing various projects which are free for all young mums. Our Main project, Foodie Friday, helps mums with healthy eating and a weekly shop, a Young Mums Netball club and mentoring, advice and support. Our main aim is to provide all mums with a place to go without the need for referrals."

Email - Tracey Davis
Awaiting Image

"I have a strong interest and experience of mental health issues as a carer for my daughter and also for my husband who developed dementia. I am a carer member of the Carers Partnership. As a volunteer at Healthwatch I have participated in analysing data and producing reports, in addition to enter and view in care homes and patient/public surveys at CUH and GP hubs. I sit on the One Croydon over 65s user steering group where I am a member of the Life programme sub group."

Email - Patricia Knight
Photo of Karen Stott<

"I have worked in children and young people's mental health services in Croydon for almost 30 years so I have a strong background and understanding of the issues relevant to these Boards. I am also experienced at representing the VCS on these boards and have a strong commitment to ensuring our voices and perspectives (and those of the children, young people and families with whom we work) are kept to the forefront in strategic discussions and decisions."

Email - Karen Stott
Angela Ben-Arie

"I have been part of a subgroup in the past and found it very useful group. I believe that it is valuable to bring a third sector perspective to the meetings as well as from my own agency and experience."

Email - Angela Ben-Arie
Photo of Soye Briggs

"I have been working in the voluntary sector for 20 years. I have previously represented to the VCS in Southwark, Lambeth and Merton. I have a Social Work background in children and families, and for the last 15 years I have been operating at a strategic level. I have a good understanding and network across Croydon in regards to children and families and currently co-chair the North Localities network."

Email - Soye Briggs
Photo of Leeman Francis

"I have 10 years' experience working with young people and have a business and law education background. I have a community group that works to develop enterprise among young people and greater awareness of health and wellbeing. FSE (Friends of Strategic Enterprise) has run Cook & Eat Young Persons’ Cooking Competitions, which aims to connect young people, to provide them with useful skills and to increase their knowledge of how to cook healthy foods."

Email - Leeman Francis
Photo of Alan Avis

"As the CEO of Croydon Mencap I am well placed to be directly informed of the needs, wishes and aspirations of people with learning disabilities their families and carers. I chair the Learning Disability Forum which comprises of people with learning disabilities, carers and community representatives which meets regularly to consider issues of importance to people with learning disabilities. I am already a member of the Learning Disability Partnership Board and happy to represent VCS as well as Croydon Mencap on this strategically important Board. Croydon Council regard and respect Croydon Mencap as being an advocate for local people that live with learning disability and I would seek to raise the profile and influence of the VCS to a similar status. I am regularly involved with groups that are influential in developing national policy. I believe this places me in a good position to represent the VCS as well as being a good conduit to provide feedback and information to the wider VCS membership."

Email - Alan Avis
Photo of Geraldine O'Shea

“I have been the co-chair of this group for the past two years and would be happy to continue. I work for Croydon People First, an organisation that empowers and gives a voice to people with learning difficulties.”

Email - Geraldine O'Shea
Brian Longman

"I am Trustee and Vice Chair of Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association. Previous chair of Croydon Alzheimer's Society and Voluntary Sector Service Providers for Older People in Croydon (VoSSPOP) and full-time carer."

Email - Brian Longman
Fatima Koroma

"As a local resident I have been passionately advocating for community involvement, engagement and initiatives that impact residents positively. After setting up a food bank in Croydon I have now set up a social enterprise doing our part to combat poverty for local residents. It became apparent that we can ensure the needs and voice of more vulnerable or less heard from residents are addressed by sitting on various boards. I have almost 10 years of experience in community representation, engagement and development. Through my work with the food bank I have developed a strong database of community organisations and I maintain a network of contacts in the voluntary and statutory sectors. My recent project is allowing me to develop links with the local commercial sector. One of our aims has been to be ‘accessible to all’ so I think my contribution will be to ensure we ensure we hear from the 'less heard'."

Email - Fatima Koroma

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