Our Reps Report Back

Maternity services update

  • Victoria Ollecito is replacing Sakina Ballard, as co-chair of the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP). 
  • Training for maternity support workers being carried out
  • Update from TrustFrom 12 April, partners can stay 24/7 in the Maternity unit and accompany them to outpatient appointments (ante-natal, etc). Other visitors are still not permitted. 
  • Online survey: The results of the survey detailed in the MVP Annual report Black and Asian women were under-represented. Discussion on how MVP might better involve these groups and other hard-to-reach groups.

(MVP meeting 14 April 2021 attended by Pat Knight)

The Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership has published links to comprehensive guidance and summary information about safeguarding children in Croydon especially given Covid 19 concerns – CSCP Covid-19 Safeguarding Information pack download here.

Online CSCP safeguarding training remains available at https://croydon.melearning.university/course_centre

The next partnership meeting is due to be held on Monday 8th June, TBC. One Serious Case Review (SCR) is coming towards the end of the process and they intend to complete and publish the report by early May after sharing the SCR with the family.

June 2020


Who are the Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Priority Group (SCWD PG)?

This is a subgroup of the Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership, and wants to:

  • Promote a culture in Croydon where every child with SEN, or a hidden disability can expect to be safe and supported in their transition to adulthood, ensuring Croydon children with disability are offered appropriate, targeted services.
  • Strengthen and enable the children and their families to help themselves through local community based 'early help support' at the right level, prior to a time when statutory intervention is need.
  • Establish strategies. Promoting best practice to reduce the risk of harm for children with disabilities by supporting professionals and the wider workforce with training tools to be confident when working with Children with a disability and their families.

You can download a summary of the September 2019 meeting by clicking on the link below.

Who are the Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Priority Group (SCWD PG)?
This is a subgroup of the Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership,  You can download a summary of a meeting held in September 2019 by clicking on the link below.

As this work develops they will be sharing some tools and guidance to help you think about the safeguarding challenges for children with disabilities and SEND – and encourage you to embed practices which help mitigate those risks and promote best outcomes.
(Donna Kingsley, Quality Assurance and Development Officer) 


If you have any feedback you want to pass on to our VS representative on the subgroup, Vanessa Bobb from A2ndVoice, email info@a2ndvoice.com.
(from Voluntary Sector Partnership Meeting, 2nd October 2019 attended by Wheels for Wellbeing, Jubilee Parenting, Ment4, Croydon Mencap, Carers Information Centre, ARCC, A2ndvoice - co-opted representative on the subgroup for the Voluntary Sector)


Autism Partnership Board

  • 1st Draft of the Autism Strategy was discussed, with further reviews to come
  • Employability and Autism, the way forward
  • The impact of Covid-19 and working in Partnership with Voluntary Sector Groups; how to prevent those with Autism falling through the gap. 
  • Representative input on Carers and financial inequalities for families
  • Date of next meeting January 2021.
Hale Man, VCS Representative, 18 November 2020