The Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership (CSCBP is the statutory body that brings together local agencies working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people up to the age of 18 in the borough. The CSCP is made up of statutory and voluntary partners and includes representatives from Health, Children’s Services, Police, Probation, as well as Lay Members. Its main role is to coordinate what is done locally to protect and promote the welfare of children and young people in Croydon and to monitor the effectiveness of those arrangements to ensure better outcomes for children and young people. For more information on its subgroups, the partnership itself and its structure go to


Meet the elected representatives for the Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership & Sub Groups 2018-20. Click on any of the tabs below to view each individual.


Photo of Tracey Ford

"I will bring my first-hand experience as a bereaved mother to the issues of keeping children safe in the Borough. Through the youth campaigning organisation I set up in 2010, I am very aware of the increasing youth violence issues affecting more and more children in Croydon. I believe I will bring a grassroots perspective and over 10 years' experience of the critical issues which need to be considered and addressed in order to tackle the epidemic of safety for all children in the Borough. I will ensure that the voice of parents, children and the local voluntary sector organisations are representative of the local communities and to ensure that the safety of children is a priority."

Email - Tracey Ford
Photo of Rhona Kenny

"I am the Counselling Manager and designated Safeguarding Lead for Croydon Drop In (CDI), a local charity that has supported children, young people and their families in the borough of Croydon through a range of offers for almost 40 years. As the safeguarding lead I am responsible for ensuring that the agency policies and protocols remain current, comply with the latest legislation and are delivered in the spirit of best practice. I continue to update on safeguarding training through the LA and share news and developments with the agency staff teams. I have many years of experience and learning in this field as well as the practical application and knowledge of safeguarding and, importantly, the well-being of children and young people who seek help and support in the community and at CDI."

Email - Rhona Kenny
Photo of Jennifer McDermott

"Cassandra Learning Centre would like to work with children and young people at risk of sexual exploitation because we feel we could offer up a safe place for them to open up and share their experiences and access the relevant support."

Email - Jennifer McDermott