Employment Support for Croydon’s Unemployed Residents (One Croydon Training)

Notes from One Croydon training

Employment Support for Croydon’s Unemployed Residents - Meeting Notes - 6 December 2023  

It was great to see you all at the training session. A big thank you to all who shared with us about the Employment support your organisations can offer Croydon residents. 

Download full notes here: https://cvalive.org.uk/assets/documents/20231206-employment-support-me

Recording of the Employment Support for Croydon Residents session:  https://youtu.be/KJQUZMZxVkI 


Guest Speakers 

Amanda Warren, Job Brokerage Officer, Croydon Works  
Croydon Works presentation: https://cvalive.org.uk/assets/documents/croydon-works-presentation 

Kirsty Hogg, Integration Hub Lead, The South London Integration hub 
Presentation: https://cvalive.org.uk/assets/documents/dec-2023-nwd-south-london-inte   

Emma Gillson, Croydon Borough Partnership Manager, DWP/Croydon Jobcentre Plus  

Francoise Gayle, Community Support Curriculum Team Manager, Croydon Adult Learning & Training (CALAT) 
Presentation: https://cvalive.org.uk/assets/documents/calat-presentation 

Rachael Blades Ability to change 
Presentation: https://cvalive.org.uk/assets/documents/ability-to-change


Other organisations who shared service updates during the open session  

Tom Richardson, Education, Training & Employability, Senior Coordinator, Palace for Life Foundation 

Anthony Goffe, Employment Coach, Work Well Croydon 

Fiona Hollow, South London Service Delivery Manager, Smart Works 

Keishelle Charles, Learner Recruitment Officer, Learning Curve Group