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CSCB Sub Group - Children and Young People at Risk of Missing and Exploitation
Copy of Femi Yasoof (18)
Raymond Bascombe, Ballers Community Club
"I am interested in representing the VCS board because I feel, at 27 years of age, I am able to identify closely with the issues young people face.
Representing the VCS will give me the opportunity to network with similar organisations to Ballers Club Community based around providing opportunity to young people while also allowing me to gain more information and a solid insight into what is being done for young people in the present and for the future.
The relevant skills and expertise which will support me representing the VCS are I am a : Confident communicator, I have the ability to debate efficently and unbiased. I grew up participating in youth related crime but I was fortunate enough to turn a negative outlook on life into a positive outlook and create a successful community organisation.  I deal with over 60 young people per week so on a sports/mentoring basis so I am able to base opinions from a young persons point of view. I believe me being recruited onto the VCS board would be a pivotal inclusion and will provide diversity swell as help shape the future for young people."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (24)
Jennifer McDermott, Cassandra Learning Centre
"I have experience of working with children, young people and their families, and am working to make autism better understood in the communities - especially BAMER communities."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (12)
Aslam Shahin, Lingua House
"I have worked with people for 10 years and would like to share the voice and experiences. Lingua House supports young asylum seekers and refugees' – including unaccompanied minors - emotional well being by helping them to learn English, understand how the borough of Croydon works and create activities and opportunities for them to engage fully in community life. We provide support with health and immigration appointments and weekly English lessons to young people."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (15)
Peter Stanley, Ment4
"I currently represent the VCS on the Missing Children and Youth Crime Boards and have actively engaged with many of the group members, drawing up a number of initiatives to show the importance of the voluntary sector. I also report back to CVA where there is useful information for the voluntary sector. My team at Ment4 are actively involved in these issues with a number of Croydon Council departments on a daily basis and help me provide a frontline expertise."
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