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SCP Sub group - Offender Management
Copy of Femi Yasoof (41)
Adrian Samuda, Get Me to Work
"I run a social enterprise called Get Me to Work, and have lived in the Croydon borough all of my life, I studied at Selhurst High school, Coulsdon College and Kingston University where I obtained my business and finance Diploma.
I am interested in joining this board, as I have been working voluntarily with young people aged between 18- 24 for the last 3 years, providing them with job training and employment via my network. I have been working with colleges, training providers and young offending centres to bring together a network which brings learning and employment to a vast segment of the young adults living in Croydon who are offenders or re-offenders. The benefits for the young people are financial and mental as the stress of having to provide is greatly decreased, this will lead to that individual changing their ways and moving away from crime.
I feel that I would be good to join the board, as I will be able to bring my knowledge to the board and with the process of talking to like-minded individuals who share the same visions to bring about change and equality. I strongly believe that we will be able to set up some solid networks and start to bring about positive change to the borough of Croydon.
Joining a board is not something that I would normally do, but I have seen a disappointing surge in crime locally in Croydon, especially violent knife crime and it is scary to think that this is all on our doorstep. Now is the time to implement the right changes to help steer the younger generation away from such atrocities and I would like to be a part of that."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (15)
Peter Stanley, Ment4
"I currently represent the VCS on the Missing Children and Youth Crime Boards and have actively engaged with many of the group members, drawing up a number of initiatives to show the importance of the voluntary sector. I also report back to CVA where there is useful information for the voluntary sector. My team at Ment4 are actively involved in these issues with a number of Croydon Council departments on a daily basis and help me provide a front line expertise."
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