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H&WB Sub group - Together4Health
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Angela Ben-Arie, Croydon Drop-in
"I have been part of a sub group in the past and found it very useful group. I believe that it is valuable to bring a third sector perspective to the meetings as well as from my own agency and experience."
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Fatima Koroma, Revivify
"As a local resident I have been passionately advocating for community involvement, engagement and initiatives that impact residents positively.
After setting up a food bank in Croydon I have now set up a social enterprise doing our part to combat poverty for local residents. It became apparent that we can ensure the needs and voice of more vulnerable or less heard from residents are addressed by sitting on various boards. I have almost 10 years of experience in community representation, engagement and development.
Through my work with the food bank I have developed a strong database of community organisations and I maintain a network of contacts in the voluntary and statutory sectors. My recent project is allowing me to develop links with the local commercial sector. One of our aims has been to be ‘accessible to all’ so I think my contribution will be to ensure we ensure we hear from the 'less heard'."
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Brian Longman, Croydon Neighbourhood Community Association
"I am Trustee and Vice Chair of Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association. Previous chair of Croydon Alzheimer's Society and Voluntary Sector Service Providers for Older People in Croydon (VoSSPOP) and full-time carer.  
I am passionate about prevention, self-care, self-management and shared decision making. I have been sitting on this partnership since January 2015, when the Board was established, and would very much like to continue in this role."
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Shirley Sorhaindo
"I have been a health professional for over 30 years; qualified as an RN, midwifery-trained and in special care and baby intensive care. For many years I have been involved in public health, and my interests are in mental health and integrated preventative holistic healthcare. I have volunteered in several projects and have been involved in Healthy Communities collaborative projects."
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