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CSCB Sub Group - Learning & Development
Copy of Femi Yasoof (12)
Aslam Shahin, Lingua House
"I have worked with people for 10 years and would like to share the voice and experiences. Lingua House supports young asylum seekers and refugees' – including unaccompanied minors - emotional well being by helping them to learn English, understand how the borough of Croydon works and create activities and opportunities for them to engage fully in community life. We provide support with health and immigration appointments and weekly English lessons to young people."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (22)
Mrs Elsie Sutherland

"I have been involved in the voluntary and community sector for many years and have a background in social work. I have chaired a number of forums and committees, including OPeN.

I am currently responsible for training ministers and lay preachers in nine Methodist church congregations in safeguarding practices for both children and adults. I keep up to date with changes in policy and practice, and am also developing a safeguarding policy for the trustees of Anerly Town Hall."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (23)
Yuliana Topazly
"I am very passionate about supporting Croydon families and ensuring financial sustainability for each family. I have been involved in supporting and delivering employability training and mentoring, as well as well-being services for families in Croydon, and would like to be able to represent community to voice concerns, share experiences and best practices and influence commissioning processes within this area."
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