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H&WB Sub Group - Learning Disability Partnership Board
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Alan Avis, Croydon Mencap
"As the CEO of Croydon Mencap I am well placed to be directly informed of the needs, wishes and aspirations of people with learning disabilities their families and carers.
I chair the Learning Disability Forum which comprises of people with learning disabilities, carers and community representatives which meets regularly to consider issues of importance to people with learning disabilities.
I am already a member of the Learning Disability Partnership Board and happy to represent VCS as well as Croydon Mencap on this strategically important Board. Croydon Council regard and respect Croydon Mencap as being an advocate for local people that live with learning disability and I would seek to raise the profile and influence of the VCS to a similar status.
I am regularly involved with groups that are influential in developing national policy. I believe this places me in a good position to represent the VCS as well as being a good conduit to provide feedback and information to the wider VCS membership."
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Geraldine O'Shea, Croydon People First
Current Co-Chair of Learning Disability Partnership
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