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Copy of Femi Yasoof (38)
Fatima Koroma, Revivify
"As a local resident I have been passionately advocating for community involvement, engagement and initiatives that impact residents positively.
After setting up a food bank in Croydon I have now set up a social enterprise doing our part to combat poverty for local residents. It became apparent that we can ensure the needs and voice of more vulnerable or less heard from residents are addressed by sitting on various boards. I have almost 10 years of experience in community representation, engagement and development.
Through my work with the food bank I have developed a strong database of community organisations and I maintain a network of contacts in the voluntary and statutory sectors. My recent project is allowing me to develop links with the local commercial sector. One of our aims has been to be ‘accessible to all’ so I think my contribution will be to ensure we ensure we hear from the 'less heard'."
Lucy Pleass, Bromley & Croydon Women's Aid
"I have been working in domestic abuse sector for over 10 years and I am passionate and committed to help survivors of DA. I am currently the Director of Operations at Bromley & Croydon Women's Aid, a voluntary organisation that has worked for over 40 years to tackle domestic abuse in the local community. I strongly believe survivors' voices need to be heard and feel that acting as an advocate in this forum would be a great opportunity for the voluntary sector to be represented. Bromley & Croydon WA understand the importance that the voluntary sector plays in developing long-term and effective domestic abuse services, which are truly tailored to survivors' needs."
Yvonne Traynor, RASASC
"I have been working at RASASC (South London Rape Crisis) for 22 years as the CEO and as a therapist.  I understand sexual violence at its core and feel that my experience of working with thousands of survivors of sexual violence will lend a voice to the women and girls who need to have a voice.
RASASC has 150 women and girls from 5 years old a week in therapy, 350 women and girls being supported through the Criminal Justice System, 120 marginalised women supported by our Outreach team and 300 women and girls a week supported by our National Helpline. Our training team provides training to professionals and workshops to schools, universities and colleges around south London, Surrey & Sussex to dispel the myths around sexual violence and help young people understand what consent actually means.  I offer consultancy services to television stations, authors, playwrights, journalists and students where sexual violence is being included or written about, so that the public have a better understanding of sexual violence and the women and girls that have suffered from this heinous crime." 
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