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SCP Sub Group - Youth Crime & Safety
Copy of Femi Yasoof (40)
Magdalene Adenaike, Music Relief Foundation
"As the chief executive of a youth organisation championing the fight against knife crime and youth violence, I am very interested in representing the VCS on this board. Being able to share best practice, network and form wider partnerships that will enable us help and support even more young people."
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Raymond Bascombe, Ballers Club Community
"I am interested in representing the VCS board because I feel at 27 years of age I am able to identify closely with the issues young people face. Representing the VCS will give me the opportunity to network with similar organisations to Ballers Club Community based around providing opportunity to young people while also allowing me to gain more information and a solid insight into what is being done for young people in the present and for the future.
The relevant skills and expertise which will support me representing the VCS are I am a confident communicator, I have the ability to debate efficiently and unbiased. I grew up participating in youth related crime, but I was fortunate enough to turn a negative outlook on life into a positive outlook and create a successful community organisation.  I deal with over 60 young people per week so on a sports/mentoring basis so I am able to base opinions from a young person's point of view. I believe my being elected onto this board would be a pivotal inclusion and will provide diversity swell as help shape the future for young people."
Copy of Femi Yasoof
Soye Briggs, Palace for Life
"Palace for Life are currently the contract holders for Croydon's Child Weight Management Programme. We would welcome the possibility of really being able to represent the VCS in this area for the benefit of children and young people in Croydon, ensuring a joined-up approach to tackling the issue."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (33)
Hayley Rea, Aim High Dance Academy
"I am interested in representing the VCS on this board as I have a decade of management experience in providing community services for young people in Croydon and the surrounding areas. Since 2007 I have provided weekly dance classes and holiday camps in Croydon and since 2014 I have been an Extended Services Manager in a Croydon school, developing all of the schools' extended services such as the Breakfast Club, After School Club and Holiday provision.
I have a strong community network through sport/arts and cultural activities, currently working with 6 Croydon schools. My career within the community as a teacher has led to many different routes within youth services and has enabled me to have a positive impact on youth services, understanding what is required to establish, manage and maintain high-level governance within youth services, in order to provide the best possible service for the whole community.
My day-to-day role requires me to assess sport/play services in the education and the care sector, providing feedback and guidance on legal requirements. I have experience of multi-agency networking, bringing organisations together and I understand the importance of having good communication amongst different organisation’s and how to do this effectively.
The skills I will be able to apply to this role would be, management skills, knowledge of youth provision, community providers and the educational sector, ability to communicate well, knowledge of legislation, experience of Ofsted requirements and creativity."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (41)
Adrian Samuda, Get Me to Work
"I run a social enterprise called Get Me to Work, and have lived in the Croydon borough all of my life, I studied at Selhurst High school , Coulsdon College and Kingston University where I obtained my business and finance Diploma.
I am interested in joining this board, as I have been working voluntarily with young people aged between 18- 24 for the last 3 years, providing them with job training and employment via my network. I have been working with colleges, training providers and young offending centres to bring together a network which brings learning and employment to a vast segment of the young adults living in Croydon who are offenders or re-offenders. The benefits for the young people are financial and mental as the stress of having to provide is greatly decreased, this will lead to that individual changing their ways and moving away from crime.
"I feel that I would be good to join the board, as I will be able to bring my knowledge to the board and with the process of talking to like-minded individuals who share the same visions to bring about change and equality. I strongly believe that we will be able to set up some solid networks and start to bring about positive change to the borough of Croydon.
Joining a board is not something that I would normally do, but I have seen a disappointing surge in crime locally in Croydon, especially violent knife crime and it is scary to think that this is all on our doorstep. Now is the time to implement the right changes to help steer the younger generation away from such atrocities and I would like to be a part of that."
Copy of Femi Yasoof (15)
Peter Stanley, Ment4
"I currently represent the VCS on the Missing Children and Youth Crime Boards and have actively engaged with many of the group members, drawing up a number of initiatives to show the importance of the voluntary sector. I also report back to CVA where there is useful information for the voluntary sector. My team at Ment4 are actively involved in these issues with a number of Croydon Council departments on a daily basis and help me provide a front line expertise."
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