Health and Wellbeing Board Sub Groups

Carers Partnership Group

The Carers' Partnership Group brings together local providers working with carers in Croydon to influence and shape the social care and health agenda for carers and the people they are looking after. It also considers the Partnership's work in delivering the Health and Wellbeing Board's priorities.

Frequency of Meetings: Meets quarterly
CVSA Reps: 2 
Chair: Pratima Solanki 

Healthy Weight (Weight Management) Steering Group

To reduce childhood obesity in Croydon via the Food Flagship, amplifying the work of the Healthy Schools through implementing a stronger focus on food in schools. 

Frequency of meetings: TBC

CVSA Reps: 2

Co-Chairs: Denise Dixon, Deborah Causer, Email:

Learning Disability Partnership Board

The Partnership Board is chaired by a person with a learning disability and a person from the council. Members make sure that the views and wishes of people with learning disabilities and their families are heard and used to make things happen and that their needs are included in the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment).  

Frequency of Meetings: Meets 5 times a year 
CVSA Reps: 2 
Co-Chairs: Geraldine O'Shea, Croydon People First, Caroline Baxter, Croydon Council

Croydon Maternity Voices Partnership

To establish a Partnership with service users and providers to improve existing healthcare standards and experiences for all women and their families, who live or have their baby(ies) in Croydon, during pregnancy, childbirth and in the first few weeks following the birth of their baby. To ensure that the views, needs and wishes of women and their partners using the service are taken into account and that feedback is provided to these parties as to how their views have been used to improve health care.

Frequency of Meetings: Meets every 2 months on the 1st Wednesday of the month, various venues
CVSA Reps: 2
Chair: TBC

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy Group

The Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy Group works to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people: The Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Partnership Plan was agreed and launched in April 2014; an Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Partnership Board was established and launched and terms of reference agreed. A workstream reviewing support to children with autism and the diagnostic pathway has been initiated through the review of community paediatricians.  Aligned commissioning of the Adult MH SLaM contract has been established through joint contract monitoring and the annual contract negotiation by the Integrated Commissioning Unit on behalf of the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group.)  Work is ongoing to improve performance reporting across the whole system of emotional wellbeing support. 

Frequency of meetings:4 - 7 times a year

CVSA Reps: 2
Chair: Ian Lewis & GP Lead

Contacts: MIchael Hughes / Sam Taylor,,

Together for Health and Care

The CCG's implementation of the Prevention, Self-Care, Self-Management and Shared Decision Making (PSSS) Strategy which underpins the CCG's transformational change programme.

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

CVSA Reps: 1

Lead Coordinator: Tom Cox Email: