Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence support in Croydon

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Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support in Croydon Training Resources, Presentations & Video, October 2023

A big thank you to all who shared with informative presentations, and the DASV support your organisations offer to Croydon residents.

Hear from the main voluntary sector and Croydon council providers of services for residents experiencing domestic abuse and/or sexual violence.

FJC, Croydon Council Domestic Violence and Abuse support: Helen Hills
DRIVE Team Leader (Croydon): Sarah Middleton
National Centre for Domestic Violence (DCDV): Brian Reilly
RASASC: Abby Preston
Helping Hands Project Jigsaw4U: Seema Desai, Coordinator
Bromley & Croydon Women's Aid: Emma Lamond
Against Domestic Abuse: Ada Ibezi Founder & CEO
Hestia Croydon & Sutton DAS: Pauline Powell.


Recording from our recent online session, part of the One Croydon Training Programme on 11 October, 2023.


Links to presentations and leaflets


Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence support in Croydon One Croydon Training –  Notes 11 October


BCWA CYP cheat sheet 


BCWA Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Support In Croydon 11.10.23 


DRIVE presentation DASV 


FJC presentation 10.10.23 


NCDV Presentation BR 


RASASC_Sexual Violence and RASASC's services 


Jigsaw4u - Helping Hands Leaflet 


Form 1 - Merton and Croydon Referral Form (7) 


HHHP Volunteer Recruitment Poster - Merton 16.03.20 


Croydon HHP Presentation (1) 


Link to video about how to access information on Simply Connect 

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